Thursday, 4 September 2014

I' m loving Hungary

Paprika House at Lake Balaton
The Houses of Parliament on the banks of the River Danube
A wall hanging showing the Csardas dance
Before I went to Hungary last week all I really knew about it was the capital is Budapest and the River Danube runs through it . I happened to know that one of the bridges that crosses the Danube is a chain bridge designed by William Tierney Clark because the original one is in England in a town called Marlow-on-Thames. Another thing I knew about Hungary is they have a traditional dance called a Csardás and like Goulasche. I went to Hungary for one of the nicest reasons in the world, a Wedding celebration, and now know so many nice things about Hungary I would like to share them. First of all the people are extremely friendly, polite and kind and generous. The food is interesting, traditional and varied. The Hungarian language is very difficult . The Danube in Budapest is majestic and wide.and the Hungarians call it Duna. As well as my chain bridge there is one called Elizabeth and one called Margaret. There is a funicular railway, a palace, lots of spas, Italian restaurants, music, a Ferris wheel, and of course - gulasch. The Hungarian houses of Parliament looks like a fairy castle.There is a beautiful lake in Hungary called Balaton which means shallow water or swamp. It is a great place to go for weekends and holidays and is so big it makes up for not having a coastline. Nobody seems to dance the Csardas anymore.The best Hungarian wine is Rose. The other favourite party drink is Palinka and is best when home made and flavoured with raspberries or apricots.Being part of a new family and making friends is enriching and heartwarming and makes the world a happier place. The Hungarian language is really difficult and that is probably one of the reasons they are such a united lot.  Here are some useful words I picked up.
Szio - hello to one person
Sziasztok- hello to lots of people
Kòszònòm - thank you
Boràt - friend
Yoboràt - good friend
Forrò kakao - hot chocolate
Kavé - coffee
Klavda - closed
Holnop - tomorrow

And of course most beautiful of all szeretlek ....... I love you 

Which reminds me ... Kiss is a  Hungarian surname .. So you could have a Miss Kiss .. How cool is that ?!!

This post is dedicated to the couples just celebrated in Hungary .
The chain bridge like the one at Marlow-on -Thames

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