Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Quintessential English village

There are so many pretty villages in England from the Yorkshire Dales to the Cornish coast I have seen so many over the years. Little havens of tranquillity nestled in spectacular surroundings, hills, dales, cliff tops, wild moors. Now quintessential means - according to the dictionary - most essential part of any substance,refined extract, purest and most perfect form of some quality or class. So a quintessential English village should have all the necessary characteristics to make it perfect. It must be pretty and set in beautiful countryside. There must be a church, a pub, a post office which also sells newspapers, magazines, chocolate, ice creams, pretty cottages,a village green or playing field, a manor house. Welcome extras could be a stream, a village hall, a cricket pavilion, a village school and hall. In my quintessential village there would be a friendly community feel like in Postman Par, there would be lots of fêtes and festivals, concerts and  sport for the youngsters. Maybe a pump or a pond and a local butcher, anything else ?

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