Sunday, 7 September 2014

Poem of the day, for those starting school

My mum used to like the expression, start off with a clean sheet. I'm not really sure if she was thinking of a clean sheet of paper or a clean sheet on the bed. Both are nice. There is a lovely feeling when you sit, pen poised at the top of a clean sheet of paper, ready to write. Hopefully no blots or smudges or confused writing will happen and you get the bottom having achieved something good. It's like that with life too isn't it?. When you get to the end of the day and can look back on it with a feeling of harmony and a sense of gratitude, but of course it's not always like that.

You know all the theory
You know what to do
keep on loving
and smiling through
Give not take
and learn to forgive
heal not hurt
we all must live
together and row
in the same direction if we want to grow
But the hurt and the pain
the jealousy the fear
the anger and the need
to be reassured and know we re here
to be loved and wanted
liked and accepted
are never far away
And they keep on coming up to the top
and hiding the good stuff
that's inside
the only answer is
it means you're alive
So what can you do
when you feel the rage
of sad bad memories
you must turn the page

Today is Sunday and for some children, like in Algeria it is their first day of school after the long summer break. I know that because I met an Algerian the other day, with a Hungarian wife. His three adorable children spoke Hungarian, Arabic, French and English. They start school today. So happy school days to all children in Algeria.

My poem for the day might seem to have nothing to do with that, but when you start school you write on a page, of course, and then every day is a chance to write a new page and make it better, you are learning all the time. Life is like that too for all of us, every day we have a chance to make things better, but we all know it isn't that easy.

So keep on turning the page and enjoy the feeling of a nice clean sheet of paper where you can start at the top and move on with confidence.

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