Monday, 29 September 2014

A walk through the woods, an ode to a childhood friend

A tree that is perfect for climbing

Home again

Deeper into the woods

Hopping over styles

Through the gate and down the Lane
Walking with my friend Elaine
Up the track, across the Green
'Derek's the best I've ever seen'.
Past the farm we stop awhile
Taking turns to jump the style
'Brendan's cool though not too bright'
'Did you watch the film last night?'
Our little dogs then start to fret.
'Have you done your homework yet?'
Happy Valley comes into view
'My mum's taught me to make stew.'
'Have you ever tried to make
Banana bread or chocolate cake?'
Along the path between the corn.
'When was Henry VIII born?'
Down the slope into the wood
'Oh my goodness this is good.'
The trees so tall the ferns so thick
My little dog brings me a stick.
I throw it far away from him
In no time he's back again.
I throw and throw
He runs and runs
This really is a lot of fun.
'Come this way let's kick the leaves
Gather conkers from horsechestnut trees.'
It's Autumn time
Term's just begun
We really should be getting home.
Dusk is falling
It starts to rain
Along the lane
And home again.
Off down the lane

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