Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Super moon is riding by at bedtime

Judging by all the articles and even books written about getting enough sleep, along with all the herbal products sold and the sleeping pills prescribed by doctors you would think that many people find it hard to get a good nights sleep. When my children were small I had a baby book that said If you want to give your child a present for life, teach him how to go to sleep. That seemed to mean not tip toeing around while the baby is asleep but charging around with the vacuum cleaner regardless and keeping to a routine. Children's bedtime can be the most wonderful, intimate and rewarding time of the day when looking after children. Noisy boisterous games are stopped and televisions turned off in good time to calm down. Maybe a relaxing drink, a nice warm bath and clean pyjamas. then into bed with the lights turned low and a goodnight story. Soon eyelids will be heavy and start to close and  a peaceful night will follow for all the family so they wake with their batteries charged.
Well that is the theory anyway .
My mum was an artist where getting us off to sleep was concerned. we would look out of the window at the fields and the countryside at the bottom of our garden. In the distance there was a farm called Hill Top farm and we would look at the reassuring sight of its twinkling lights. Then she would tell us stories about the little animals going home to their burrows and nests to have a drink of cocoa and a kiss and cuddle from their mums and dads. I'm not sure about the cocoa for rabbits but we believed everything she told us. If there was a moon in the sky we would gaze on it for a while, thinking about the man in the moon and its lovely light shining down on the world and helping all the little creatures find their way home. Once tucked up in bed she would sing her songs. For a long time the first one was to the tune of Brahm's lullabye.

Now the moon
Riding by
turns the whole world
To silver
And the stars in the sky
Sing a lullabye
To you

You are safe in your bed
And the whole world is sleeping
You are safe in your bed
Till morning is nigh

Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep now my darling
You are safe in your bed
Go to sleep
the whole night through

Tonight there is a Super moon, as big and bright as can be. There is a clear sky so we can all enjoy it's beautiful light shining down on us all

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