Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Going home - Tornando a casa - part nine - final part - fiction

Salvatore lay down on the make shift bed  that had been prepared for him next to the children's room. From the moment he and Vladimir and Esther had appeared there had been feasting, dancing and music. It reminded him of the times his grandfather's brothers visited from Australia. Little Aline had hurled herself at Vladimir, thrown her little arms round his neck and nothing could prise her away. Salvatore's big kind heart had rejoiced at the scene. The roast pig that was turning on the spit was being guarded by Vassili and Inga's brother, Gabor.Salvatore was handed a plate and told to help himself to potato salad, stuffed cabbage, sour cream , soup, salads , raw onions and crisp goose fat. Everywhere he went Salvatore took the sunshine, vitality and passion of his native island.  Soon he was part of the family, singing Sicilian songs and dancing . There was one awkward moment when  Aline pointed to Inga and Esther and their handbags, from the autogrill.Vladimir grabbed Inga and twirled her round to the music, kissing her and spinning her round till she was laughing and giddy with happiness. Vassili  put out his hand for Esther to dance with him. Someone shouted out a toast, glasses were filled and raised, all was well .
Salvatore, Vladimir and Vassili talked late into the night . Egidio was investing in the hotel and resort backed by a big German group. He had already opened one in Macedonia and it was a great success. The sunshine, the sandy beaches, the beer and the fresh fish would attract people from Northern Europe. There would be work for them all. Salvatore would be coming back regularly. He might bring Concettina one day too.
Salvatore picked up his phone.' Mi manch amuri, ti amo Concettina mia.'

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