Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Poem of the day, one more kiss before school starts

Here is my poem for the day by Jean Ingelow (1820 - 1897). It's just a verse but takes me back to the countryside where I grew up. It brings back memories of just one last picnic before school starts or a trip on the river in a friend's small boat. Sunny early September days full of golden memories and sweet kisses in the newly cut corn.

While ripening corn grew thick and deep,
And here and there men stood to reap,
One morn I put my heart to sleep,
And to the meadows took my way,
The goldfinch on a thistle-head
Stood scattering seedlets as she fed,
The wrens their pretty gossip spread,
Or joined a random roundelay.

My Observer's book of birds was a welcome gift when I was seven

No-one got wheat fields quite like Vincent van Gogh

detail from the Harvest by Van Gogh

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