Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Going Home -Tornando a casa - part seven - fiction

The next morning after a  fitful  sleep Vladimir was woken by Salvatore rapping on the window and bearing three cups of tea and some rolls of bread  As Vladimir and Esther gratefully took them Salvatore leant on the  cab door and spoke through the window  blowing on his tea.
'Last night I ask Concettina. At first she don't believe me and very angry. Then she say what to do. ' he gulped his tea and carried on.' Esther must come with me in my lorry and we follow you to your depot. Then you come with us and I take you both to your town. I ask my friend Egidio if Esther can work in hotel. Is perfect plan no ?'.
Vladimir nodded dumbly . It seemed like there 'd be a lot of explaining to do to Inga. As if reading his thoughts Salvatore carried on ' Just  be natural Vladi, smile and kiss and hug her. Keep telling her how much you love her. Believe me I am Italian. We know what is important to women.'
When they were all back on the road with Esther sitting up beside  Salvo and tucking into Arancini, Vladimir called Inga. When he told her that he would be bringing  two friends with him and could she please make up some beds., there was silence. He softly told her how much he wanted her . 

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