Monday, 4 August 2014

Touring the Italian lakes

Fireworks to round off a lovely day

Gypsy music from a boat
Often you hear people say that they want to get off the beaten track. There are lots of guides in the book shops suggesting trips to hidden places, where tourists don't go. The only thing is the tourist attractions are often the best . In Italy when you see a brown sign along the road saying something like cascata, pallafitte, bagni Romani, giardino Botanico, then just go there. It doesn't matter if there's a crowd jostling and pushing to get in, or there are loads of souvenir shops blocking the way, it will be worth the trouble. Today that's what we did.The weather provided a perfect soundtrack . Thunder and torrential rain while visiting a waterfall only amplified the majesty and wonder. Getting soaking wet made a hot chocolate acceptable and necessary .. The sun came out in time for the ferry crossing along with all the windsurfs and boats. They accompanied us on our journey like dolphins round a ship. Next a ride on a cable car. We all squashed in marvelling at its capacity and then swayed and lurched up to the top of the mountain 1760 metres above sea level. This was a delightful journey. A micro cosm of over ten different nationalities united in our joy pf admiring the breathtaking scenery and the skill of the engineers who made such transport possible. At the top the clouds started to envelop us in their misty vapours, then changed their minds and let us enjoy the view in bright sunshine. The evening turned warm and balmy. The crescent moon became increasingly silver as the dusk turned into night. Gypsy music filled our ears and hearts, children and old men tapped in time to the tambourine. As a grand finale to close a small local sagra there was a magnificent firework display. Showers of coloured sparkling strands rose above the water, blossomed and then gracefully fell admiring their reflection in the water. Everyone clapped and cheered, the disco started to play, dazzling the young ones with hopes and dreams.

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