Thursday, 14 August 2014

Anyone for Boules ?

A game of Boules can last a long time 

Everyone seems to like playing Boules  in France. Every place in every town or village has a crowd of people seriously discussing their game of Boules. It is also known as pétanque.It's a great game . It can be played by anyone with various degrees of skill. Hardened serious players take their time, study the terraine and the position of their opponents boules and try and knock the other boules out of the way. The rules are fairly simple. The person who starts play throws a small wooden ball and then throws one of their boules to get as near as possible to the small wooden ball.The next player tries to get theirs even nearer . Whoever is furthest from the small ball carries on throwing their boules until they are nearest. A piece of string is used to check who is nearest if there is any doubt. You add up the number of boules that are nearest . It does not sound so simple any more , but it is a lovely sociable game. If you don't feel like playing then you can stand around and watch and cheer on the players . The first one to get eleven points wins!
Just need two glasses of Rosè

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