Saturday, 2 August 2014

A day by the lake

Water draws us to it . It is a life force .Earth, fire, water and air .  We need them all. On a hot Summers day we all enjoy a day near some water, a river, a lake, the sea or even just a paddling pool . It is always a pleasure to see clean,clear water. There is a wide variety of water sports to be enjoyed on the lake. Sailing,rowing,kitesailing,kayaking,windsurfing,scuba diving or just walking along or sitting and watching.
Here are some photos of a day by the lake. I hope you enjoy them and feel the calming effect of the lungolago.

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  1. Having fun and games today with my WordPress at and trying to leave a comment Angela. Wanted to say fab photos, so clear and vibrant, and such interesting information too. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope this gets posted - 5th attempt.