Saturday, 23 August 2014

L';estate sta finendo...

L'estate sta finendo
e un anno se ne va
Sto diventando grande
Lo sai che non mi va
In spiaggia di ombrelloni
Non ce ne sono piu
é il solito ritual
Ma ora manchi tu.......

These are the first few lines of an Italian song from 1983 by Righeira. When my children were young we loved singing all the happy Italian songs . We took our Bimbo Mix records to England and in no time at all their cousins were bopping around to Vamos alla playa, Notte Magico, L'estate sta finendo. There is something melancholy about this song because it is about the end of the summer. The heat of the sun is not so intense and the beach towels no longer dry in ten minutes. The Italian summer is long and hot and you know that even if it is cloudy or raining the sun is never far away. The schools finish at the beginning of June and don't start until the second week in September. It is quite common to go for three months without seeing friends and so at the end of August there will be lots of happy reunions. Our school holidays were only six weeks long but I remember the wonderful feeling of being reunited with my class mates in September. I felt like another person. I had been holiday- me and now was once again school girl-me. It was an exciting time of new shoes and new beginnings.
That feeling stays with us even when we have finished full. time education. We can start thinking about learning something new whether it be salsa dancing or a new language. September is when the courses start in earnest.
Let's linger a while in summer though. It's too soon to say goodbye to sunny days and balmy nights and the new friends we have made.

Summer is ending

The summer is ending
A year is going by
I am growing up
But I don't really want to
The umbrellas on the beach
Have all been put away
It's the usual ritual
But now I miss you....


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