Sunday, 10 August 2014

Fête du Raisin, Sagra del uva

Today was an unexpected treat . Quite by chance we came upon a Fête du Raisin. The whole village was out in force. Groups of people dressed in traditional Provencal costumes were clog dancing, marching along playing all sorts of instruments, firing rifles into the air and startling the pigeons. The main dance involved old branches from the vines that were decorated with ribbons and then burnt while the local girls danced round them in a circle. The mayor gave a talk about the deep significance of the Fête du Raisin. He said the grapes represent us. We are like the grapes growing on the vine. 
All around the village there were stalls selling the local wine. You had to buy a wine glass and then you could go round with your glass and taste whichever wine you wished. We met some people we know and soon we were all chinking our glasses and saying Santé. What a wonderful Sunday morning, sunshine, singing and dancing and the brass band playing.

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