Monday, 18 August 2014

Consequences, a play in three Acts

Act Two

The scene is outside a Night Club. There is a Bouncer standing at the door. Striptease and lap dance neon signs are flashing and sultry music can be heard .Steve and Tom are outside near the Bouncer. Steve is on the phone. Tom is looking at the pictures of the girls on the wall.

Steve, 'Oh come on Trevor, we're waiting for you!. You loved it last time, you know you did. You did!
Look Sue will never know. It's the perfect way to have a bit of fun without getting found out.'

Steve stops talking and listens to what Trevor is saying on the other end.

Steve, 'What'!!??' With Barbara?. Oh you must be mad. Poor Sue, she'll go mad. What about the baby?!!'
Well mate, I'm lost for words. Anyway we've got to go in. Can't hang about. see ya'.

Tom,' What did he say? is he coming?'

Steve, 'Well he's surprised me. He's only gone and got himself a lover, stupid git'.

Tom, 'Maybe it's not such a good idea to go in, Steve. I don't think Lucy would be very happy'.

Steve, 'She'll never know, mate, those girls are hardly going to go and tell her, and I won't, come on.'

Tom, 'You know, I tried to persuade Phil to come but he's too busy with that Katerina from the clinic.
Steve, 'I bet he is, She'd keep me busy too I can tell you. Come on let's go in There's a special offer tonight. Two private dances and then you get one free, perks of the Recession, eh mate?'.

Steve and Tom go up to the Bouncer and pay their entrance fee and disappear into the Night Club.

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