Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Wish you were here !!!

Quanto vorrei avere i miei amici accanto per godere insieme del panorama che mi si presenta dinanzi ....  Il meraviglioso Lago di Garda

I wish I could have my friends beside me to enjoy together the scenery that appears before me...beautiful Lake Garda

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The incredibly multi talented German writer/ poet/ artist wrote this about Lake Garda. It is a feeling we all can share while on holiday. You want to tell your friends all about it. You send them postcards so they know you were thinking about them. Now we can post photos and send texts so our friends can see where we are and know what we are doing. We used to send each other a lot of postcards. It was a ritual for me to buy about twenty postcards and spend an afternoon with a cool drink going through my address book and trying to write something different on each one. The standard phrasing on a British postcard was  Weather is lovely, wish you were here. On our return homewe would find a stack of postcards waiting for us, make a cup of tea and sit down to read them all. The amount of postcards I send and receive has dwindled .Now I look for ones that would appeal to my grandchildren. My little grandson was very surprised that his whole world didn't come on holiday with him. Where were his aunties and uncles and cousins? He wanted to show them what he was doing. Just like Goethe.

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