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Consequences, a play in three Acts.

Consequences, a play in three Acts


Lucy, a well-groomed 40 year old
Tom, her husband, a slightly paunchy short man with closely cropped grey hair.

Sue, an attractive thirty year old, earth mother type, with a small baby
Trevor, her husband, an older man, heavy set , very smartly dressed

Marianne, a forty-five year old, very attractive, slim and sporty
Phil, her husband, sporty and very handsome

Ellie, a fresh-faced thirty ish plump woman,
Steve, her older husband, late fifties,

A waitress
A Night club bouncer

Act One,

scene-  The Pear Tree, coffee bar, busy and lively. Music is playing Budapest, by George  Ezra.. There is the sound of laughter and chattering. A waitress is moving among the tables taking orders.
The scene freezes and the light shines on two women, Lucy and Sue, seated at a table. with a pram next to them.

Lucy. ' This will be our last coffee morning for a month or so. The schools have finished and now we are all off on holiday. We're leaving  on Saturday. I've booked a Brazilian for this afternoon. Would you like to come?

Sue, ( raising her long skirt a few inches and sticking out a leg)
?Oh I haven't shaved for ages. there's a  Brazilian forest growing here'.

Lucy, (recoiling), Ugh! What does your Trevor say about that? My Tom wouldn't touch me if I wasn't immaculate',

Sue:' Oh Trevor wouldn't even notice. He's not at all highly sexed and neither am I, and since the baby's arrived I have to sleep with her because he needs his sleep. If Trevor doesn't get his full eight hours he's like a bear with a sore head.',

Sue pulls her chair closer to Lucy's and speaks in a confidential whisper.
'Hey Lucy, keep this to yourself but Marianne's got a lover.'

Lucy, 'No!!! I don't believe you. She's so lucky to have Phil. He really has got everything. Money, looks, an amazing body...'

Sue, ? Well seems like in the bedroom department he wasn't all that...Anyway she just got swept off her feet. She told me that she has never known a passion like it before. She said that at her age you can't let a chance like that go.'.

Lucy, 'Well I suppose my Dad always told me that you regret what you don't do more than what you do. But does Phil know' He must be heart-broken.'

Sue,' Yes he does. She told him. He's now having an affair with that Polish nurse from the surgery. You know, the one that does the baby's weight?. 'Don't say anything will you? Oh look here she comes now, and Ellie too.'

Lucy,' Oh no, did I tell you? Ellie's husband Steve gave me the come-on the other day. He must be going through his mid-life crisis..'

Sue, ' He's always been like that. My Trevor knows Steve from school. That's why he's already had two wives.'

Sue and Lucy stand up and greet Marianne and Ellie. they all exclaim with pleasure at seeing each other ,then they sit down and the waitress comes to take their order.

Marianne, ' It's lovely to see you all. I'm off on holiday tomorrow for two weeks to Tunisia, booked a last-minute dotcom thing'.

Lucy,' Who with? I thought Phil was afraid of flying?'

Marianne' Yes he is, so I' m taking my mum and youngest daughter, that should keep me out of muschief'

Lucy and Sue giggle.

Ellie, 'Oh you are lucky. I could never leave Steve alone for two weeks. He can't even boil an egg.'

The waitress brings their coffees.

Sue, 'Look everyone, this is on me. I'm off to baby yoga.'

Lucy, 'Thanks Sue, have a great summer everyone, see you all in September.. This is definitely the time of year when I am really glad that I'm a teacher.'

There is a chorus of, lucky you, take care and have fun.

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