Monday, 18 August 2014

Consequences, a play in three Acts

Act three, final act

The scene is the Pear Tree Café. 'I'm a Believer ' is playing in the background. The tables are all occupied and the waitress is moving between them getting orders.
Marianne and Ellie are sitting at a table. they look tanned and are dressed in bright summer dresses.
The lights dim and the music fades. the spotlight goes to Marianne and Ellie.
Marianne, 'It's been such a lovely summer this year. Our holiday in Tunisia was fantastic.It's gone so quickly though I can't believe the schools start next week. Ellie, forgive me for saying this but is it true that Steve goes to lapdance clubs? You do know what goes on there don't you?'.

Ellie,' He 's only been once, just to see what it was like. It's harmless fun. Anyway at least he knows now and doesn't want to go again. He said it was a waste of money. Anyway look at poor Lucy.Steve said Tom went hundreds of times and even started dating some of the girls. She just threw him out when she found out.She said she just can't forgive him.

Marianne.'What about Sue? Phil told me that Trevor had a fling with that Barbara that works with him.

Ellie, 'Yeah I know. It's all over now though. Sue told me that she's had to stop breast feeding and is on anti-depressants. I feel so lucky to have my Steve. He's always so open about everything. He couldn't tell a lie to save his face,'

Marianne,' Here they come. Wow! Look at Sue, she looks amazing. '

Lucy and Sue come up to the table they all greet each other with a chorus of 'Look at your tan, wow you look gorgeous'Sue is wearing a very short skirt and low cut top. the waitress comes to take their orders.

Sue, 'I hope you all had a better summer than me. I expect you have all heard about Barbara and  Trevor. I don't want to talk about it.  Suffice to say that I now have enough kinky underwear to  open a shop and he looks after the baby a lot more.'

Lucy, ' Well Sue, I think he's lucky that you stuck with him. I can't forgive Tom',

Sue, 'the thing is girls, I love him and if  I'm honest with myself I had neglected him lately, with the baby.'

Ellie, ' Oh I never ever stopped Steve from having all the fringe benefits.They're bound to stray if they don't get enough attention.'

Marianne, 'Come on you lot, let's talk about something else. I haven't got long. would any of you like to come to my Pilates class'?'

The women break into excited chatter.

The lights turn away from them.

The bouncer from the Night club comes in. He goes up to the waitress and pats her playfully on the bottom.

Waitress, ' Oh there you are at last. I've been hoping you'll come in all morning'.

Bouncer,'Try and keep me away. You're so gorgeous, I love you, you know that. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen'.

Waitress (giggling), Oh go on, with all those beauties you see all the time'.
Bouncer, ' You're the only one that turns me on. It must be love.'
Waitress,' I love you too.'

The waitress and the bouncer embrace.

Lights fade.

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