Thursday, 2 July 2015

In Praise of July

In Praise of July

I love the sounds that Summer brings
The mower hums in the evening light.
The crickets singing with their wings
The fountain bubbling with delight.

I love the scents that Summer brings
Roses trailing from terracotta pots
Frogs in the ponds play violins
Among water lilies and forget-me-nots.

I love July and its golden light
Idly watching a dragonfly
The bee from the foxglove taking flight
Followed by a butterfly.

Ragged Robins grace the banks
Flower of Lime or Linden tree
Willow Herb and Yellow Toad flax
Wild liquorice by the sea.

Wheat fields sway in the summer breeze
Full of promise for  harvest time,
A shady spot under the trees,
Mother Nature spreads her cloak so fine.

Angie x

Just a short poem inspired by a warm golden summer day in July.
It's a beautiful month. It's a bit like a teenage month. All the promise of a full blown summer is round the corner.
We have planted and sowed and now have to water and tend our plants and crops to have an optimum yield in Autumn.

Life's a bit like that, reap what you sow and all that. Of course it's not that simple is it?
A violent thunderstorm can destroy a carefully looked after vine yard. Hail can reduce a crop to nothing. Flowers can bend in fierce summer gales and branches be torn from trees. Flash floods can have tragic consequences.

So I am wishing you all a happy safe summer with my poem that I hope brings you all memories of lazy hazy happy days.

Apricots for breakfast

Summer fields

farmers that let wild flowers grow are given subsidies

Foxgloves are a haven for bees

Flowers from a wedding bouquet

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