Thursday, 23 July 2015

Songs that say it all

This lovely song by Paul Simon was at number one for about ten weeks when I was a teenager.
Whenever I listened to it I always imagined ME being the bridge, ME being the one to help a friend or loved one. I suppose because it's written in the first person singular. One of my boyfriends gave it to me as a present telling me it was his song to me.
That happens a lot with songs that have words that go straight to your heart, that say exactly what you would like to say.
 Some poems do that too. we can be thankful to all the talented poets and song writers who are able to express our feelings and we can pass it on to our loved ones.
 How many times did I ring up my Mum and sing Stevie Wonder 'I just called to say I love you?' She never got tired of hearing me sing it, never complained about how tuneless I was. How many times did I sing 'You are my sunshine ' to my children when they were small?. Some songs just say it all for you, don't they?

Sometimes in life you are the bridge and sometimes you need the bridge.

Strategically placed bridges. like people that care about you, make it easier to find your way

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