Friday, 3 July 2015

Magical Days that soothe your soul

Sometimes when you really need it something will happen that is like balm to your soul, like a bandage on your wounds.

 Last week I had one of these days, a walk in the woods and then an invitation to have an ice cream.

 It was a hot day, a lovely summer day.

 Just as we were getting out of the car this piece of music by Edward  Elgar (1857 - 1934) started playing.

 Edgar wrote it specially for his fiancée Caroline Alice Roberts in 1888, who was to become his wife.
We stopped and listened, letting the sweet melody wash over us. Then we sat at the bottom of the garden with an ice cream.

Let this piece of music wash  over you today, let it cool you and soothe you. It was surely written with love and also with the hope for a happy life together for Edgar and his future wife, and why not eat an ice cream while you're listening.

A cool place to be on a hot day

Sitting in a garden can calm your mind

A bench waiting for someone to relax on it,

Horses need to be looked after specially on a hot day

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