Monday, 13 July 2015

Sizzling hot colours

It's hot, just as you would expect and hope it to be in July. we're told it's going to get even hotter. We are almost bang in the middle of the Summer. In Australia they are in the middle of Winter and have had snow, a rare event for Australians.

Some flowers do well in the heat, they thrive in the direct sunlight and don't need much watering. They have beautiful bright colours and dazzle and shimmer though the day.
. Look at flowers today and read this verse by William Blake (1757 - 1827), he seems to be telling us that eternity expands from the centre of a flower.

Thou perceives the flowers put forth their precious
And none can tell how from so small a centre comes
                                                            such sweets.
Forgetting that within that centre eternity expands
Its ever during doors.....

First e'er the morning breaks, joy opens in the flowery
Joy even to tears, which the sun rising dries; first the
                                                                          wild thyme
And meadowsweet, downy and soft waving among
                                                                          the reeds,
Light springing on the air lead the sweet dance. they
The honeysuckle sleeping on the oak; the flaunting
                      beauty revels along upon the wind.

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