Friday, 3 July 2015

Thinking about Festivals and the Isle of Wight

It's a wonderful time of year for anyone that likes listening to live music or going to Festivals.

Glastonbury has just finished and even if you couldn't go there it was widely televised.
A friend of mine took my son to Glastonbury about sixteen years ago with his son. The boys were about twelve at the time. My son came back unwashed and scruffy with a
radiance about him that lingered for days. He had had his first ever Pot Noodles and learned quite a lot of swear words and colloquial expressions in English that caused a lot of hilarity, but most of all he was thrilled by all the live music.

The sound of a guitarist playing a few chords or an orchestra tuning up never ceases to fill my heart with gleeful anticipation, there's just something about live music that goes straight to the soul.

Here I have given you a song from an Italian band called 'Dik Dik' who sang this song inspired by the Isle of Wight Festival from the sixties.

The Isle of Wight Festival ran from 1968 to 1973 then folded up and was re-started in 2002.

Now would you believe that in spite of bands like Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and the Who the festival was a financial failure? It cost £3 for five days of music but hardly anyone bothered buying a ticket so it flopped.

I hope you like listening to the song and the images of the Isle of Wight. A tribute to all musicians who give so much pleasure with their music. thank you.

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  1. There's bestival there in September if you fancy going 😃