Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Joy of an Open air pool

There is a heat wave in Italy.
July is always expected to be a hot month but this year it has broken all records.
We are told that there is a danger of a loss of power. While central heating is run mainly by gas and we can all happily warm our homes in the winter, the air-conditioning needs electricity and maybe we are consuming too much.
In winter we are advised to keep our central heating at a comfortable 19 - 22 degrees. Air conditioning is usually at 24, any lower and the contrast between the temperature outside could be bad for your health.
If you haven't got air conditioning you need to have a fan and a lot of water.

When the weather is as hot as this an open air pool is the equivalent of a roaring log fire in the winter.
On a cold winter day what great pleasure there can be found in the comfort of an open fire.
 On a hot summer day you can find the same pleasure in an open air pool. As you slide gently into the water you can feel your body relax in gratitude, as it reaches your neck you might sigh with relief and know you are safe as in your lover's arms.

The water is blue and sparkling
Twinkling in the sun
Calling me to  enter
And escape the boiling sun.

At last I can do exercise
And still remain so cool
Twenty lengths and then some more
In my favourite open air pool.

Up and down the pool I go
My arms are gathering strength
My legs are loose and free at last
I'll just do one more length.

I slide and glide around the pool
Thankful and serene
I dance and twirl and when refreshed
I'm ready for ice cream.

A pool is so inviting on a hot day

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