Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Learning to Love

If you have seen the film 'Moulin Rouge' with Ewan Mcgregor and Nichole Kidman you will be familiar with this song and its' wonderful heart-warming inspirational message.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return.'

It makes you think though, can you learn to love or is it just beyond your control?, full of love for everyone and then full of love for that special one that lasts forever. I can remember that feeling of just loving everyone, the whole world, from my family to Mrs.Ellis down the road and being totally amazed when a girl at school said she didn't like one of the other girls. How could you not like someone? of course there is the old poem about Matilda when the father says, we like you Matilda we just don't like what you've done.

Anyone lucky enough to have had babies that just ooze goodwill towards all men from day one, yes I'm one of those lucky ones! They smile up at you trustingly as soon as they can, gurgle in their cots as the dawn light streaks through the shutters, hold out their little arms to be picked up and then squeeze you with all their might, beaming all the time. Their little hearts give out love all the time, delighted to see you and unconditional love surrounding them like a golden cloud.

So some don't need to learn to love, they just do. But what about the cooler guys, the ones who seem unmoved by anothers' plight, who seem indifferent to you. If you're there fine, and if you're not there... fine. Can people be taught to love ?

Some of us are lucky to have big bottom less pits of a heart.

One thing none of us can do is see into another persons' heart, only into your own.

A friend of mine going through an extremely difficult time of her life read every self help book she could lay her hands on. One day she looked at me and said the only thing that matters is what's in people's hearts.

Shakespeare said in his sonnet 116 that
 'love is not love that alters when it alteration finds.'

So that even if someone betrays you or hurts you then you will carry on loving them, that is if you really love them.

That's enough musings for this hot day, any comments welcome.

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