Sunday, 28 June 2015

Midsummer Magic

Magical summer evenings heal your soul

Dainty flowers start to close in the dusk
yellow and white roses have more intense perfume in the evening

On a warm Midsummer evening
There is magic in the air
Fairy folk are sprinkling
Star dust everywhere.

Glow worms weave their lanterns
Through the branches hanging low
Snails leave silver ribbons
To show you where to go.

There's a party in the clearing
In the middle of the wood
The crickets play sweet melodies
To create a happy mood.

The bees concoct a potion
With honey, thyme  and dew
They pour it into foxgloves
Then offer it to you.

The roses cast their petals
Sweet and soft they fall
They'll be the fairies dresses
For the magic Summer Ball.

Listen for their music 
As you gently tread along,
Among the ferns and heather
You may hear their summer song.

Breathe deeply in the velvet air
Feel the magic of the night
The world is painted silver
The moon is shining bright.

There's magic in the twilight
You may hear a fairy's bell
A fluttering of little wings
Some footsteps in the dell.


Foxgloves look like fairies' gowns but be careful, some say they are poisonous

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  1. What a lovely poem! ...Who' the author?!... happy Summer!