Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Harmony and me

Harmony and me
We're pretty good company
Looking for an island
In a boat upon the sea..
Elton John

When you look at a map of the world you are aware more than ever just how much of the Earth's surface is covered by water. All those lovely expanses of blue, home to so many weird and wonderful creatures that don't need the air to breathe like we do.
We need water though, our bodies are made up of something like 80 per cent of water.
Not surprising then that we seek it out. Not only to drink it but to sit by and swim in, lakes, ponds, rivers and the vast enchanting sea. It soothes us, it heals us.The sound of the waves is balm to our  souls, like a caress , stroking our heart strings.
It's the sky that gives it its colour of course.
If the sky is blue then the sea is too.
 Air, water, earth and fire- all by the sea together.
The fire's in the sun.
That's where I find harmony.


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