Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Poem for you

Cheers and Cin cin, Skol and good health
Wishing you joy, happiness, wealth
But of the spirit, the soul and the mind
Don't hesitate in being kind
If you don't want alcohol just drink juice
What's in your glass is just an excuse
To let your friends know you really care
You're always happy when they are there
Raise your glasses to one and all
Little ones, big ones, short and tall.
Don't waste time being aloof
Don't go waiting till you have proof
That someone loves you with all their heart
If you're together or if you're apart
There's a way to let them know
Even if it doesn't show
Life is  richer for having met you
There's a light in the world shining through
The dark days of fear, trouble and strife
And I'm really glad that I'm your wife.

Ho! Ho! Ho!  .... can you hear him ? The jingle of sleigh bells in the distance...

Santa's on his way....

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