Saturday, 6 December 2014

Il cielo è rosa, venite a vederlo! The sky is pink, come and see !

What a delight it is on a dull Winter's day when the sky is grey from the moment you wake up, the dawn hardly makes a difference to the light and then in the afternoon the sky makes an effort to break through the gloom and you notice with delight that there are shades of pink behind the clouds. The rosy hues bring a quiet joy and then you might be invited to gaze upon this sight and join in the wonder as seen through a child's eyes.

Today was such a day and so my poem is this verse by Robert Browning which could have been inspired by looking at such a sky.

O never star
Was lost, here
We all aspire to heaven and there is heaven
Above us.
If I stoop
Into a dark tremendous sea of cloud
It is but for a time, I press God's lamp
Close to my breast; its splendour soon or late
Will pierce the gloom, I shall emerge some day.

What a lovely sky at sunset.

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