Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Character study, exercise, Georgie's choice

The first impression most people got of Georgie was that she looked quite ordinary.  Brown hair, brown eyes, medium complexion, medium height. She thought of herself as a chameleon. She could mingle anywhere, go unnoticed or stand out depending on whether it was worth the bother. Her mother though had made her aware of how important looks were to get what you want in life. They both wanted the same thing, a rich husband for Georgie. After all it was natural wasn't it to want to have a father who could provide well for your children?  Georgie and her mother worked hard on Georgie's appearance. By the time she was in her teens she had a taste for fine clothes and food, for refining her mind through study and taking care with her figure and deportment. At her exclusive college she wasn't a success, there were too many beautiful blond blue-eyed girls who stole the attention of the most eligible young men. Georgie suggested dying her hair but her mother was scornful,

'Girls who dye their hair are common. You must tell yourself you are beautiful and use your body and your voice to attract. Pull back your shoulders at unexpected moments to show off your breasts. Study hard at college but do not show off about how much you know.'

'Is that how you got dad, mom?' Georgie smiled at her mother.
 She was determined to make her proud of her. If Georgie got a wealthy husband they would both be secure.

'Well honey, sure your dad adores me,' Georgie's mother gave a contented sigh.

There was just one fly in the ointment in their quest for the perfect husband. While they were so busy perfecting Georgie's seduction techniques, her elder brother Frankie left to his own devices, had completely run wild.


As Georgie walked down the aisle towards the handsome doctor waiting for her she couldn't stop grinning. This was her great achievement. She had followed all her mother's advice and now her dream was coming true. The guests in the little church saw a very attractive quite exotic young woman. Her glossy hair pulled up in a seductive updo, strands escaping and curling coquettishly round her delicate features. Her back view caused the men to envy the groom, Marco.

Georgie practically shoved her father aside once she arrived at the altar and peered seductively up at the groom. How clever her mother had been to convince her father to move to Rome. It was the perfect place to trap a husband, The bump beneath her dress hardly showed and her fuller breasts only added to her charm. Marco had even seemed proud of her condition telling her that her fertility was a necessary requirement for their marriage. If Georgie felt any qualms she pushed them away.
 The only sadness was that her brother wasn't present. Her mother thought he'd lower the tone.

 Georgie thought that maybe it was her mother's work in the war  that had made her so tough and practical.Then being married to an American diplomat had never been easy for her with her foreign accent. Poor Kevin he had had all the bad luck.

As Marco and Georgie walked out of the church the crowd threw rice at them, the guests all thought they had never seen a bride's mother look so radiant.

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  1. I think this is a very interesting story, you can just picture the characters as if in a film!