Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lighting up time

The moon shines bright on us all

Peace on earth and mercy mild

Oh happy day

Let it be


These are the songs that rang through the crisp air this afternoon as lights came on to brighten the streets and lighten hearts.
Now to lighten up is a good thing. It doesn't mean be superficial , no not at all.Treat others with kindness and greet them with a smile, put your worries aside.
All this wonderful technology that so many people have at their fingertips is often criticized. Too much social networking might deter people from making proper friends or too much sitting around might make everyone unfit. Like everything it's surely a question of equilibrium.
It's certainly much easier and nicer to be able to keep in touch with those you are very fond of but don't have much chance to meet up. If people you care about live a long way away you can keep your relationship ticking over so when you do meet again you don't start from scratch, you can share in their daily joys and cares.
So this post is to wish that all this social networking will bring light into people's lives and bring peace .
Lighting up time

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