Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Poem for the day, happy December

Happy December everyone.

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire, and Christmas treat. Sara Coleridge (1802-1852), The Months.

December was the last month of the old Roman year which was divided into ten months. Winter is on the way now and the days are really short. the 22nd December is the date of the winter solstice when the sun reaches the tropic of Capricorn and then the days will start lengthening again.

In December keep yourself warm and sleep.

My poem for the day is by Emily Bronte. She must have known how cold and harsh Winter can be, up there on the moors, but she saw a special, remarkable quietness outdoors in the really cold weather, which she found inspiring.

How still, how happy1 Now I feel
Where silence dwells is sweeter far
Than laughing mirth's most joyous swell,
However pure its raptures are.

Come sit down on this sunny stone:
'Tis wintry light o'er flowerless moors -
But sit - for we are all alone,
And clear expand heaven's breathless shores.

Yet my heart loves December's smile
As much as July's golden beam;
Then let us sit and watch the while
The blue ice curdling on the stream.


There's a lot of beauty in the Winter sky
All the leaves on the trees are gone
Only the crow goes flying by
To let us know we are not alone.

Hurry home before it's dark
Light the fire and make some tea
Muddy boots might leave a mark
Nice warm slippers and watch TV

Christmas lights enchant the town
Putting smiles on tired faces
Coming on as the sun goes down
Let us have some warm embraces.

I have been writing my Blog for a year now and want to thank you all for your encouragement and for all the feedback. It's nice to know you like reading it because otherwise it could be a bit like talking to myself, not such fun. I wish you all a wonderful December and hope you will all carry on liking the things I write, just like going for a coffee break chat.

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