Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Now the day is over...

Now the day is over
Night is drawing nigh
Shadows of the evening
Steal across the sky

Now the darkness gathers
Stars begin to peep
Birds and beasts and flowers
Soon will be asleep

Here we are all thinking about 2014 as it draws to a close. It's a beautiful clear frosty night with a lovely moon. There are lots of celebrations being planned and fireworks are already going off.  The more I think about my resolutions the more I can only think of one this year. To do everything I do with love which is what I always try to do.
I 'm just taking stock, think about the sadness and the joy, the hurt and the pain, the love and the happiness, that's inside me, and that is the only answer. People hurt you, they do, and they don't often see it. They can't do or they wouldn't do it would they?

The verse that I've written above fills me with a calm and stillness because it belongs in a part of my life when I felt safe, the world seemed a warm friendly place, so when I say it I remember that time and those feelings. It is appropriate for the end of the year.

On this evening, the last of the year when a stillness might appear among the noisy celebrations here is a prayer for all those who are going into 2015 with pain and loss in their lives, that they will find comfort in those who care for them and tomorrow morning they will wake up with a chink of sunlight in their hearts.

Lord keep us safe this night
Secure from all our fears
May angels guard us while we sleep
Till morning light appears..

Here's another one from R.L.Stevenson that gives hope in moments of darkness.

The infinite shining heavens
Rose and I saw in the night
Uncountable angel stars
Showering sorrow and light.

Night after night in my sorrow
The stars stood over the sea,
Till lo! I looked in the dusk
And a star came down to me.


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