Thursday, 21 November 2013

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Today was a lovely autumnal day. Blustery and wet. The leaves are gently turning yellow and gold with the occasional splash of vibrant red from the maple trees. It is not spectacular like New England or even like Beechy Bucks but with careful observation you can savour the changing season, we are on the brink of Winter and the promise of Christmas lingers in the mist.
Txxx and I went to Sxxx's for lunch. A friend of hers called Oxxx was there too, she told us all about her horrible mother and how she had run away from her. Tears were in her eyes while she told us her sorry story and in ours too by the end. Hopefully we gave her some encouragement and sound advice. To have a mother and father that love you is a wonderful gift even though it should be everybody's birth right.
After the lunch Txxx took me to her house where Mxxx and Gxxx were waiting for us and we played Scrabble.

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