Saturday, 23 November 2013

Eat, breathe, hope and pray

In the papers there is a lot about toxic waste and contaminated food. Vasco Rossi said he won't vote in protest against who is poisoning Italy. There have always been stories in the papers about how our food is contaminated. Grain from Chernobyl  in our pasta, blue mozzarella, hormones in chicken, antibiotics in beef. In the 70s there was a song by the Beach Boys called Don't go near the water protesting about how polluted the rivers and seas are. Years ago London was so smoky and dirty the term smog was invented to describe air full of fog and smoke. Breathing the air in cities is like smoking a packet of cigarettes a day. What can we ordinary people do? Well I wonder what these people that know about ILVA at Taranto, toxic waste and contaminated earth eat themselves. I have heard that people that make wine have a special unpolluted supply for their own consumption. We cannot really do much except keep away from exhaust pipes, traffic ridden streets, try and buy food with the best guarantee possible and hope. We should also vote, always vote, it is one way of showing we care even if we do not have the power to protect our precious Earth.

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  1. Vasco Rossi is wrong, then: protesting by not voting is a way to 'cut off your nose to spite your face' ...