Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bottle Blonde Bimbo

Bottle blonde bimbo was a sort of derogatory term they used in Tabloids to describe dim women with dyed blonde hair. Well that's me !! One of the originals !!
Everyone in my class seemed to have blue eyes and fair hair, except me. When my Dad got me my first passport he just quickly wrote down brown eyes, brown hair. How boring that sounded, not even flecks of green in a bright light, or sort of reddish highlights at sunset, just brown.
When we were in our early teens my friends and I would trail around Boots after school looking at all the cosmetics with aimed at us. Here was a whole new world, my appearance could change! Sheer genius took  care of my pale complexion and hint of a tint was supposed to make my hair more interesting.Only it did nt, so I kept on trying stronger stuff until it eventually turned blonde. "Oh I like it Angie -said my Mum- it suits you". Well praise from her was praise indeed, so I kept it.
The next thing I could change was the colour of my eyes. After years of misery wearing my NHS glasses my Dad gave me contact lenses for my 18th birthday. Once I had got used to them I was daring enough to try coloured ones. My friends at college described my eyes as like lime green jelly and when I met up again with my future husband after a few years intermission, he said the one thing about me that  he did nt recall was how green my  eyes  were. Not wanting to disappoint him I kept silent, only the next day I lost one and that was the end of that illusion! I was always losing a contact lens with him and he would often have to grope all over me to try and find it, much to the astonishment of passers by...

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