Friday, 22 November 2013

English as she is spoke

I have started thinking about this blog all the time and what I can write in it!!!
I have got a huge inferiority complex about my written English - forget my Italian!!! Having lived in Italy for 36 years I now speak two languages badly . This is rather depressing because I know what I was capable of. Although I've never been gifted at languages, English was always my best subject at school.
I had a hilarious experience in the first year of the High School when the teacher asked us to write down all the French we knew and I proudly produced "kel er ay teel" (quelle heure est il?) and "san fairy ann" (├ža ne fait rien).
My life at school rapidly improved when we started reading David Copperfield. I was hooked! Sitting in a dull and dingy classroom on a grey November day listening to the teacher read this gripping story which seemed to hold so many of life's lessons was manna from heaven for me.


  1. How funny! Love the "kel er ay teel "

    Lovely Blog!

  2. Wow Mum a real pleasure to read this stuff! Kel er ay teel sounds a bit like gaelic LOL!!