Thursday, 28 November 2013

Moving House

The first two houses we lived in were both along Cressex Road. They were both South facing and looked over glorious countryside as far as you could see. There were fields to go mushrooming in and build houses out of straw bales. There were trees to climb and Piggy Lane that lead to Piggy Farm. Best of all from our bedroom window we could see as far as Windsor Castle and Hilltop Farm. One of Grandma's great gifts to us was her great delight in the countryside, in  her joy of the passing of the seasons. We would sit looking out of the window, watching the stars, the twinkling lights of Hilltop Farm and imagine the little bunnies scampering home to their burrows, the birds safe in their nests and marvel at natures beauty.
One day however, building started in the fields at the back. First they built the M40 to Oxford. That wasn't too bad, it was quite nice to hear the swoosh of the cars when lying in bed in Summer with the windows open. Then they built a school and a community centre so we decided to move.
We looked at lots of houses all over the place until one day, by chance, we drove past Pleasant Rose. It was being built along with Furlongs. It was South facing with fields at the back that could never be built on because it was the Green Belt. It was perfect, we all fell in love with it.
Then something even more marvellous happened. Uncle Peter decided he had had enough of his Boarding School and was coming back home for good. We were all going to live in our lovely new home, he was going to do his A levels at the local school. We would have meals together every day!
We would have fun exploring our new surroundings, and I would be a Marlow girl.

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