Thursday, 28 November 2013

Changing schools

Grandpa decided I should go to a school near his factory so he could take me by car if need be and it was also on a bus route that stopped near our house. It was terrible, I didn't want to go there at all, I clung to the car door, I cried and screamed, how could I go to a school where I didn't know anyone wearing my ugly glasses! I was in deep distress.
Then lots and lots of wonderful things occurred that made the 2 years I spent in that school the happiest of my entire pathetic academic career.
Kathleen and Raymond started the school - I wasn't the only new girl any more, we lived near each other and could go home together.
Eileen and her friends asked me to join them at play time.
Grandma started giving me a 4 bar Kit Kat to eat in the break. She must have known that I couldn't have eaten it all by myself, so there I was sharing it out and suddenly I was part of the gang, just like I'd always been there. The boys asked me to play pinch-bum-he with them. Gary, Leo, Tim, Kerry, Michael, we tore round the playground and laughed all our cares away.
I was a monitor, a janitor, in charge of the little ones. I discovered that I could make the Infants laugh, they clung to my hand and wanted me to be with them all the time.
I was in the school play, Mrs Rabbit, the Head Master beamed with delight at my antics, the other children roared their approval.
We had Christmas parties and danced the "twist". Whenever I hear I feel fine by the Beatles that great, happy feeling creeps over me again just like then.
I was Captain of the Netball team, handing out slices of orange at half time, welcoming the teams from the other schools. I wasn't actually any good, just enthusiastic..
We raised money to buy a swimming pool and I learnt to swim 10 strokes.
I engraved my name and age on my ruler. Angela aged 10, then aged 11.
There were 40 of us in our class, I sat at the front because of the glasses. Never again did I enjoy learning so much. The teacher read us the Odyssey of Homer, we were transported to far off shores.
We did projects, we sang, laughed did maths with gusto.
But then  we had to take the 11 plus.

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