Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Northern accents

My Mum and I loved Northern accents. The Clitheroe kid, Mrs Dale"s Diary, everyone sounded so warm and friendly. "Ee by gum Mrs Hardcastle would tha like a cup of tea" sounded so nice to us, we would often borrow Northern expressions.
One day, when I was about 11 we got new neighbours. They came from Stoke on Trent. Oh it was wonderful hearing them speak to each other. Our Audrey, ya Mum. It all sounded so cosy and intimate. I wanted us to speak  to each other like that too, but seriously. My Mum thought it was a huge joke, "Angie -she'd say- ask ya Dad if he'd like a coop of tea" giggle giggle
They were a lovely  family, but they didn't stay long. They took advantage of the 10 pound crossing to Australia that was so popular in the 60s.We just got one postcard from them saying "I think we've made it", Ray and family. I wonder if they kept on their charming expressions.

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