Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cuddles and Bundles of joy

Last week there was an article in theguardian, Men stroked in their pants to shed light on chemistry that bonds relationships - to see if it made them more faithful to their partners. I thought it must be some sort of laughter therapy that the Scandinavians are so keen on. But no, it was a serious study. Apparently, being stroked produces a hormone called ossitocine that makes people bond.Yesterday this great discovery was in an Italian paper too.
We always cuddled a lot and whenever things were getting  out of hand Grandma would say, "Let's have a bundle", and we would huddle happily together everything all right again. I also recently read that by caressing and admiring babies little limbs you can boost their self esteem.
But being paid to stroke men's underpants???

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