Thursday, 28 November 2013

Elocution lessons

My Bucks accent was in great contrast to Uncle Peter s dulcet boarding school tones so Grandpa and Grandma decided I should go to Elocution lessons. Auntie Olive thought it was such a good idea that Johnny came with me. I don't know how much it must have cost but I have still got a Bucks accent and all I can remember is the following rhyme:

Knobbly knees
knobbly knees
Bend a little
If you please
Whether knees are thin or fat
they should bend as much as that
So knobbly knees
knobbly knees
bend a little if you please.

Johnny and I had  a lot of fun and Grandpa and Grandma loved  listening to me recite that so it was probable worth me going there for entertainment value.

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