Saturday, 22 August 2015

Trees that Talk

On a sunny summers  day when the air is still you may become aware of the beautiful soothing sound trees make when their leaves rustle in the breeze.  So my poem for the day is inspired by that wonderful feeling of listening to the music they make dancing and letting the sunlight through their leaves.

Trees that Talk

Come and sit beside me
Lean against my bark
Let your worries fade away
Stay here until it's dark.

Lie upon the soft grass
Look up into my leaves
Hear me whisper gently
Swaying with the breeze.

I can tell you secrets
Of Summers long ago
Of kindly folk that sat here
As I did slowly grow.

Many people have enjoyed
The music you can hear
Close your eyes and listen
My magic is right here.

Silver bells are tinkling
The wind will make them chime
Dancing round the branches
That children love to climb.

Bubbling near my roots
Runs a pretty, sparkling stream
We'll sing our song together
While you close your eyes and dream.

So come and lay beneath me
Let my branches sweep away
All the pain and sorrow
That is in your heart today.


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