Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wonderful Welcomes

What more joyous welcoming can there be than a small child running towards you with their arms wide open? What more wonderful display of affection than a baby giving you their first hug? A squeeze of your hand, a pat on your shoulder, a broad grin, all these tell you more than a thousand words.
Many people will be returning from their summer holidays. Il rientro, the grand return.
Setting off on holiday is an exciting adventure, coming home again hopefully batteries will be recharged, wonderful memories of new places, new friends will enrich hearts and brighten the winter days.

There must be a reason that there is a saying in English, travel east and travel west, going home is always best.

Even though my parents weren't living in the same country as me they were always happy to know I was home, it made me a phone call away again and we felt closer. That was before we all had cell phones of course.

Welcome home, just landed, can't wait to see you, miss you, on our way, nearly there, lovely to be on holiday but oh so lovely to see you again.

So Buon rientro  to you all and run towards each other with open arms.

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