Sunday, 9 August 2015

Heaven is a place on Earth

 Belinda Carlyle told us that  heaven is a place on earth and that in heaven 'Love comes first'.  There are  moments when all is harmony around you, the earth meets the sky with a kiss on the horizon, flowers grow like colourful blankets, small creatures appear from the bushes and little birds swoop down around your feet.
  There are lots of places on earth where man and nature seem to be in perfect agreement, and looking after each other. These areas need to be protected so there are Nature Reserves, Conservation areas and UNESCO heritage areas, National Parks and  Green areas, to name a few. I expect many of you on holiday will come across these areas and appreciate their unspoiled beauty, and you will be sharing these moments with people you love. Maybe Belinda Carlyle will start singing in your head, like she did mine.

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