Monday, 3 August 2015

Poem for a beautiful day

It's a beautiful day today.  A perfect summer's day. The air is clear and the sky is blue, just a few white puffy fluffy clouds on the horizon. There is a stillness in the air but a little breeze lifts the curtains and brings a scent of roses from outside.
Every summer should be like this, it's perfect for the beach or the pool or anywhere you are. There was a beautiful sunrise and there is the promise of a lovely sunset.

My poem for the day is by Michael Drayton (1563 - 1631). He was born in Warwickshire which is a beautiful county with stunning countryside even today. When he wrote this verse over one hundred years ago he probably felt just like we do today when the weather is so perfect and we can sit and dream. Funny isn't it?
He has such an ordinary name, he could be in your class at school, not like Jonson or Shakespeare.  A man with an ordinary name using ordinary words writes a verse that for me conjures up an extraordinary appreciation for a lovely day, all through the centuries. I hope you like it and I wish you a lovely day.

A Fine Day

Clear had the day been before the dawn,
All chequered was the sky,
Thin clouds of scarfs of cobweb lawn
Veiled heaven's most glorious eye.
The wind had no more strength than this,
That leisurely it blew,
To make one leaf the next to kiss
That closely by it grew.

Fluffy white clouds add interest to a clear blue sky

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  1. Fabulous poem and piece about it and I adore the photos. Just stunning. :)