Sunday, 23 August 2015

Embroider your Life

A friend of mine enjoys doing embroidery with a passion. Watching the way she embroiders, threading the needle and concentrating on her work, the passion and care that she puts into it is like a life lesson.
How many of us grew up hearing If a job's worth doing then it's worth doing well?.
Lacksadaisical, slovenly, were the two words used to describe anything I didn't do well, from making my bed, washing up or brushing my hair.
The way my friend embroiders made me think of this as I tried to copy her.
At first I thought it didn't matter what the back looked like, after all no-one will see it, but she didn't agree. The reserve side should be nice to look at too. She showed me how to tuck in all the loose threads and make sure the crosses all went in the same direction.
As you embroider, knit or sew you put all the emotions that you are feeling into your work. So if you watch television while you are working then all the emotions you feel will go there, negative or whatever and you will not be concentrating properly so your embroidery might suffer.
If you make something for a friend or loved one then put all your love and care for them into your work, all your positive feelings and wishes will always be with them.
From now on I will concentrate more and make sure both sides look good.
Funnily enough I wrote a story on my short story blog called 'Threads of Gold' that is about making our lives like a tapestry.

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