Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stars in my eyes

These lovely starlit nights full of shooting stars have gone to my head. I've been thinking about stars, looking out for stars, making wishes for my nearest and dearest looking at the stars and thinking about all the songs I know that mention stars.

1 When you wish upon a star, Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, Walt Disney
2  Twinkle Twinkle Little star
3  Starry Starry Night, Don McClean, about Vincent Van Gogh
4  I was born under a wandering star, Lee Marvin

and then a memory came to me from when I was little girl and I loved Perry Como singing 'Catch a Falling Star', it just seemed so wonderfully magical and perfect to be able to have a star in my pocket ready for a rainy day, I imagined the star there tucked in my pocket, plucked from the sky and me giving it to my mum and her face lighting up. She told me I used to give her the bits of fluff from my pockets as though they were precious gifts, so a star, wow.

If you aren't able to look up at a starry sky then look at the most famous starry sky in the whole world, that painted by dear Vincent Van Gogh, didn't he just capture all the magic to be held there? and make a wish too! and bounce a long with a spring in your step humming Perry Como in your head.

The deep blue sky was flecked with clouds of a blue deeper than the fundamental blue
of intense cobalt, and others of a clearer blue like the blue whiteness of the Milky Way. In the blue depth the stars were sparkling, greenish, yellow, white, pink, more brilliant, more sparklingly gemlike than at home - even in Paris; opals you might call them, emeralds, lapis lazuli, rubies, sapphires.

Vincent Van Gogh

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