Monday, 16 February 2015

Winter bids farewell


There is a definite feeling of Spring in the air today. The snow on the mountains looks pretty and inviting especially knowing how warm it can be in the daylight hours. Buds are plump and hopeful on the trees and the Japonica and Forsythia are coming out. The landscape at first sight still looks wintery but if you look carefully you can see that Nature is poised for its spectacular Spring time display. Winter has turned around and is off to the Southern Hemisphere.


Winter Bids Farewell

The mid-day air is warm again
On this lovely sunny day
Crocuses and hyacinths
Say Spring is on the way

Winter's hands are waving
And making us aware
He's going to Australia
To see what's happening there

No longer is the frost a threat
The ice does quickly thaw
No freezing gusts of icy wind
Creeping underneath the door

We fling our windows open wide
The sunbeams dance around
If you listen carefully
You'll hear a buzzing sound

The buds and blossoms on the trees
Are waiting for their cue
As soon as it is warm enough
They'll all know what to do.

Cleaning is a pleasure
As the sunshine shows the dust
Pots and pans are gleaming
Let's rub away the rust

Some very welcome visitors
Will soon be coming back
The swallows and the martins
Will grace the chimney stack

But there are some small creatures
That I hoped would stay away
The ants outside my kitchen
Have come back again to play.

Angie B

Time to wake up

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