Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Poems from when I was ten. My Party Dress


My Party Dress

When I was ten I had a dress for parties
Snowy white net, velvet spots like smarties
I grew so fast as children do
There was no point in having two

Of that dress I took such care
Wore it to parties everywhere
To Sonia's house across the green
I learnt to peel a tangerine

To Karen's house down in the town
Her brother acted as a clown
We laughed so much it was such fun
We ran around in the evening sun.

To Linda's house in the avenue
My cousins came to that party too
I held them close I protected them
To keep them safe in the mad mayhem

At Eileen's house we played some games
Postman's knock, made daisy chains
The boys would wrestle in the dirt
Chase after you and lift your skirt

At Kathleen's house there was a dog
Sausage rolls and a chocolate log
In the garden there was a stream
Her sister bought us all ice cream

At Gary's house his mum made toffee
Chatted with my mum drinking coffee
That is when she turned to see
Noticed the dress was too small for me

Oh  how sad that was the end
My party dress was like a friend
We'd had such fun going out together
Playing at parties whatever the weather

Now in my sixties if a dress won't fit
It's not because I've grown out of it
I've put on weight and that's not good
It means I've eaten too much food.....

One party dress at a time


  1. Lovely poem and illustration angie!!

  2. Love it. I've often thought of my clothes as friends. I feel a blog coming on