Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Everyday fun

Most towns have at least one children's playground. In Italy and England they usually feature some swings, a slide, a roundabout and various other attractions, maybe a climbing frame or a train.  When I was growing up they were all set on hard rough concrete and woe betide you if you fell off anything. For a long time my knees were permanently covered in grazes and plasters. Over the years some playgrounds have improved health and safety measures, thick rubber matting on the ground for soft landings, the swings enclosed by some sort of fencing to avoid accidents, enclosures to make sure dogs and cats cannot litter the area. In Milan some of the parks are divided into separate areas, for children, old people or dogs. Whatever playground they go to children will inevitably learn some useful skills.
A trip to the playground is always welcome and they are a very important feature of our towns. My poem for the day is dedicated to the people who make sure playgrounds are available to children.

A Trip to the Playground

Pink wellington boots
A push on a swing
In the park
We try everything

On the roundabout
Round and round
On the Fireman's pole
Slide to the ground

On the train
We go for a ride
Climb the steps
Down the slide

In the corner 
A tree to climb
We always have
A wonderful time.

Angie B

Put on your boots and have fun on the swings

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